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Since the launch of the iPad there have been a lot of articles and blog posts written about it. Many of them are positive and many, perhaps even more of them have been negative. Personally I understand that. Robert Cringley doesn't seem to like the iPad all that much, and neither does John Dvorak, while John Gruber over at DaringFireball.net seems to like it quite a bit.

One interesting point that Dvorak brings up is the fact that people are griping about the iPad, and he seems to feel that there is more griping then in the past. While I'm not sure if there is more griping about the iPad then there was about the iPhone initially or the Apple TV, there are a lot of unhappy people.

And to tell you the truth I was one of those unhappy people at first. I saw the iPad and I just wasn't excited about it. However over the weekend I thought about the iPad more and more and my opinions began to change.

I had issues with the fact that it wasn't as powerful as a laptop, it wasn't open, I couldn't program on it, it wasn't like any computer that I had ever used. In the end it was that, it wasn't like a laptop or a desktop it was something different. It wasn't for programming or any "hardcore" computing (yet) it was for checking your email quickly without having to leave the room, checking the news, checking the weather, maybe sending an email or writing up a few notes. Will I use it to read a book? probably  not.  Will I use it to watch a movie? probably not...well maybe something on youTube. But I will use it for quick tasks, and maybe some document writing depending on how the keyboard feels.

One of the biggest selling point for me is gaming. The iPad has (in my opinion) some great opportunities for new styles of games, games that I cam play anywhere in the house. Take the games that were available for the iPhone or iPod Touch and make them real. Now that's something that I can get behind.

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